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The Road to Redway (Bonus #3)

Trish Henry Green

Happy 2024!

In only a few months, it will be ten years since the seed of Redway Acres began to shoot (see ‘The Road to Redway’ blog #1 for those beginnings). I published six main books in the Redway Acres series and one Redway Companion book in the following six years.

During the past four years, I have experienced some personal upheavals, including divorce and returning to the UK after over two decades in the USA. I haven’t stopped writing, but neither have I published anything. Consequently, the next Redway book has a first draft; I have nearly finalised a modern-day women’s fiction standalone story, and my poetry has sustained me.

In this moment

Just before dawnFeet frozen in the sand

The dark behind me yawns

I can’t step forward

Can’t step back

Tethered between the two

Momentum’s what I lack

If I can hold

If I can stay

Golden warmth will reach me

And grant another day.


The delay is due to my decision to republish my books under my pseudonym, ‘Trish Henry Green’. It’s refreshing to have chosen my own name this time around. A combination of my maiden name and my mother’s—how fortunate for me, all three names consist of five letters.

I decided to take advantage of this and spruce up the books. The overarching storyline will remain the same, with an additional scene here and there. Some scenes might be gone, to reappear in future books. Redway Acres ‘Helena’ and ‘Maria’ should be republished early in the year, closely followed by the seventh main Redway book “Grace”. Here’s an excerpt from ‘Grace’.

"The prospect of poverty did not sit well on Grace’s proud shoulders as her critical eye roved the overgrown gardens of Bainbridge Hall. It had been six months since they let the groundskeeper go, and the young gardening lad who worked in his stead did not maintain the lawns and beds to the same standard.

Grace’s mother meandered on the gravel path along rose beds strangled by weeds before heading through the wisteria arch. Lady Agnes Bainbridge ignored the wild strands of the plant that pulled at her bonnet until it fell back off her head, hanging only by its black ribbons.”


My modern-day women’s fiction is titled ‘Joanna James’ Journal’. She’s a divorced fifty-year-old who has to return home to the UK after thirty years in the USA—hmmm, where did I get that idea? Here’s the blurb.

Fifty, fat and fabulous—Joanna James' time has arrived.

Newly divorced, with grown-up children, she can finally embark on a journey of self-discovery back home in the UK. But life is never that simple. A transatlantic relocation, family issues, and dipping a toe into the dating scene complicate her plans.

Settled in her new forever home, Joanna decides to pursue her childhood ambition of making a living as an author. Undeterred by the men who cross her path, she works to achieve her goal.

Joanna isn’t averse to romance, but this time, it will be on her terms—or not at all.


So, hold fast, my lovely readers and be patient a little longer. I promise to make it worth your while. Perhaps a reread of the earlier books is in order, in preparation? A couple of previous characters are returning in Grace’s story to cause trouble for those at Redway, and beyond, who we hold so close to our hearts.


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