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Main Locations

(introduced in book one)

Redway Acres

(aka Redway)

Redway Acres is a stable in Lincolnshire, near Grantham in England. In the second half of the 18th century, a man called George Stockton started the stable and was very successful. George Stockton was a large ox of a man with a head of thick red hair and green eyes. He ran the stable with his wife and later with his granddaughter when she came to live with him in 1808.

Eastease Estate

(aka Eastease)

Adjoining Redway land on its Southeast side is the considerable estate of Eastease, which is several times the size of Redway and includes a very grand house. Redway and Eastease are joined by the North Road on the west, a distance of approximately five miles. Eastease is owned by the wealthy Harker family. Houses on the east side of the North Road belong to either Redway or Eastease, including the church and parsonage which both belong to Eastease.


(aka pronounced eas-CUM)

Southwest of Redway is the village of Eastcambe.



Bainbridge Hall

(aka Bainbridge)

Bainbridge is the property of Lady Grace Bainbridge, where she lives with her mother, Lady Agnes. It is in the county of Norfolk, fifty-five miles southeast of Eastease (about three days travel in a carriage, giving the horses sufficient rest). It is a large estate, comparable to Eastease and of a similar age.


Fairfield Market

(a Norfolk village)

Fairfield Market is a big village about ten miles east of Bainbridge Hall. In the outskirts of this village is the large home of the Billings family. Helena's mother and father, with her brother.


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