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Trish Butler is the author of the Historical Fiction saga Redway Acres, which is set in the east of England. Also, a contemporary detective series based in the fictional New Jersey town of Rockmond.

Born in Norwich, in the county of Norfolk, England, Trish moved to Connecticut in the US in 1999. Her daughter was born there two years later and is on the autism spectrum.

Redway Acres, which Trish calls Pride & Prejudice with horses and a healthy dollop of feminism, is set during the early 1800s in Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk, UK, an area that she knows well. Over the past nearly twenty years, Trish has got to know the tri-state area well too, and hopefully enough American English terms that make her contemporary mystery book sound authentic.

Trish always wanted to write a book and, at age fifty, finally realized that dream. There are now six main books and one companion in the Redway series, and so far, one book has been published of her Rockmond Mysteries.
Read her blog about her process, The Road to Redway; the Redway Acres saga; Rockmond Mysteries; excerpts, poetry and her characters on her website.



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