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Book 1
A Redway Acres Companion I

Redway Acres’s companion books continue the Redway saga, painting the lives and loves of minor characters featured in the main series.


Young Charlie Mickleson from Colbourne near the Welsh border is indentured to farrier Doyle Brewster, but all is not as it should be in Charlie’s world. Brewster and Justice Leland Cavell, who recruited Charlie, subject him to abuse, leading an adolescent Charlie to run away.


To escape Cavell’s pursuit, Charlie finds employment in the stable at Thornbane Lodge in Cambridgeshire, working for the well-connected Hopwood family. In the course of his duties, Charlie meets Harriet Wyndham at Redway Acres, who offers him the job of stable manager at the larger Wyndham Estate near Bath. A grateful Charlie accepts, though his choice will bring him closer to home and the clutches of the one man he hopes never to see again.


Will Charlie evade Cavell’s devious plans or will his desire to seek justice cause him to lose everything?


Warning - This book is not suitable for readers under 18 years of age. Contains detailed sex scenes, and elements of violence and sexual abuse.

I've read all of the RA series and always wondered about some of the minor characters. The author does not disappoint. As always, Butler's warm style of weaving characters and situations keeps the reader interested - as well as the surprising ending.

Amy McCoy,  NY,  USA

Charlie began as the boy I wanted to save and ended as the man I wanted to be friends with. The author allows him to develop, be formed by and overcome all the events he experiences.

Cheryl Duffy, CT, USA

This is truthfully an old fashioned morality tale, and nonetheless worse for that. I defy you to read it and 

not root for the hero in his troubles.

Jane Jago, UK

This historical fiction novel was very well written and professionally crafted and had me hooked from the outset.

J.E. Rowney, UK

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